Will price erosion on radio equipment close the revenue gap?

Recently a number of deals for “4G” networks  have been announced, e.g. Huawei and Telenor (Norway), Huawai and Tele2 &Telenor (Sweden) and Ericsson&NSN and Telia (Sweden), see e.g.  http://www.telenor.com/en/news-and-media/news/2009/telenor-to-replace-its-infrastructure-for-mobile-services-in-norway
Although the network upgrades include multi-base stations for 2G, 3G/UMTS and 4G/LTE with capabilities across technology generations and frequency bands the prices are “low”. There are indications that the price for radio equipment is well below 10 000 € per base station site. Will such a price level imply reduced network costs to the extent that the “revenue gap”, caused by growing mobile broadband traffic in comabination with flat fee subscriptions, willbe more or less closed?

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