Apple doesn’t care for oversleeping customers in Europe?

Due to a bug in the iPhone that affects phones with repeated alarms for any other set up than every day (for example weekdays) a lot of iPhone users in Europe overslept at the Monday this week. The bug is related to the Daylight Saving Time switch and even if the phone switches its time automatically the alarm clock now goes off one hour later than it is set up to do. Since many reports falsely told us that we only needed to delete the alarm and set it again to solve the problem a lot of people including me overslept at the Tuesday as well. So last night I had to set the alarm at 5 am so it would wake me up at 6 am this morning. Apple says that they are aware of the problem since it happend in Australia when their clocks changed a few weeks ago and it will be fixed in iOS 4.2 that will be released next week.

I am usually a big Apple fan but this actually made me very annoyed. Doesn’t Apple care more for their european customers? If they couldn’t release iOS 4.2 before the time switch I think they should’ve at least assured themselves that their european customers knew about this bug. I think that the silence from Apple regarding this problem is more annoying for me than the bug itself.

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  1. Pamela Gonsales says:

    I agree with your observation. It is annoying :( It happened the same to me as well.
    Let see what Apple is going to do about it.

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