Smart Grid @ UBICOMM 2010

The fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM), was held last week in Florence, along with other four collocated events all belonging to NexTech 2010.

A wide range of topics, including wireless technologies, mobile services and security, were discussed during the technical presentations: I found quite interesting the keynote speech given by Doctor Reda Reda, during which a quite comprehensive overview of the recent evolution of smart grids has been provided. The presentation was focusing on one of the most promising applications of this kind of “networks” which is today connected to the possibility of decreasing the energy consumed by the ICT Industry (during the last years this quantity has been experiencing an exponential increase). Although the talk was most interesting, I found that an overview of those “smart” functionalities (beside the “simple” capability of switching off a particular equipment when it is not utilized) that could really provide a significant impact for the reduction of energy consumption, was sort of missing. I then looked for some additional information on the web and found a quite interesting entry in Wikipedia. The link is reported below. Check it out!

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