IEEE DySPAN submission ended without EXTENSION

I don’t remember exactly when this trend started, but it has become very usual that conferences in wireless communications area give extensions to their submission due dates. Now, two weeks extension is taken granted. Extension of more than a month is not uncommon. Even a few hours before the deadline people do not lose faith the the extension will be given, and it has always been the case.

As far as I know, IEEE DySPAN is the first conference in recent days that kept the original submission due date. Maybe it was a sign of the pride on the popularity of the conference. Remember that DySPAN has been quite successful and prestigious in the field of cognitive radio and dynamic spectrumaccess during the last a few years. Or maybe it was just a German way of organization (Next DySPAN will be held in Aachen, Germany).

Whatever the reason is, I hope that the next DySPAN is extremely successful so that it provides an evidence that a conference without extension can be of high quality.

So, why not keep an eye on this conference?

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  1. Miurell Tercero says:

    When I read this blog, I just remembered that next day after DySPAN deadline was past, the first thing I did when I went to the office was to check if the deadline was extended, just by curiosity! Because, it was interesting when I read on their webpage “Firm, no extension”, for me this was a signal of proud trying to say “we are so good so we don’t need to give extension”!
    I think that other reason more is for taking the attention of the research community and so increase their popularity (i.e. We are here blogging about it! :) then I have to accepted that they did right!

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