PTS invites to auction of the 800 MHz band

The Swedish regulator PTS posted on December 13 an invitation to auction of the 800 MHz band. The auction is planned to start on 28 February and those interested must apply no later than 31 January 2011.

The 800 MHz band is attractive for many different kinds of service, such as wireless broadband or mobile telephony. The band comprises six licences (2×5 MHz each). A similar auction conducted in Germany earlier this year resulted in a total of €4.38bn.

As the frequency band has good propagation characteristics, PTS is imposing a coverage requirement on one of the licences. This rollout shall take place at a fixed cost set at the auction (at least SEK 150m and at most SEK 300m).

As the spectrum was made available through the digitalization of the terrestrial television (the digital dividend), there is a risk for that television reception deployed in the 800 band is being affected when the band is started to be used. Licence holders in the 800 MHz band must therefore deal with any television reception problems that may arise from the interference.

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