New swedish company brings cheap solutions to backhaul for indoor coverage?

The newly founded company InCoax AB in Gävle, Sweden has developed a technical solution which makes it possible to transmit Gigabit data rates over existing TV-coax cables. The company’s newly developed product uses this neglected infrastructure, with fast deployment at a fraction of the cost compared to new cabling or Fiber in the building.

The InCoax platform makes it possible for the operator to deliver high-speed services, as IPTV, VoIP and fast Internet access, directly to the entertainment hub of the subscriber’s home or a Hotel room. Further more, the solution may also bring a solution to the existing problem of back haul for indoor wireless infrastructure. Today, our residential homes are littered with WIFI 802.11g systems capable of providing +50Mbps over the air but since they most often are connected to slow ADSL lines the maximum throughput is at the best still less than ~10Mbps. The InCoax platform may be a solution to that problem.

The product has been developed by the Gävle based IT company GetItSafe (former Service Factory AB) at the Radio Center Gävle.

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3 Responses to New swedish company brings cheap solutions to backhaul for indoor coverage?

  1. Giulio says:

    Where is the innovation? It seems to be just a standar HFC architecture. In Belgium Telenet already supply 100 Mbps link with the very same technology.

    • Robert says:

      They say it is a new technical solution, not an innovation. And they will have alot of competiotion. Question is if they have anything better than existsing solutions. What about integrety, security, traffic separation, availability, telecom tailored soutions, or what is it that is better?

  2. Tafzeel ur Rehman Ahsin says:

    Seems interesting…

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