Android 3.0

Here’s Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) preview video (longer version). It’s a now a big headache to Apple. But the computer people has just taken over the wireless business…..?

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3 Responses to Android 3.0

  1. duho kang says:

    it looks fancy !!! :) but, i wonder how many customers care software rather than hardware fuctionality and design at least in wireless devices

  2. Jens Zander says:

    On the other hand, almost all smartphones look the same these days and if its not the software behind, its at least the design on the screen that makes the difference …

  3. Seong-Lyun Kim says:

    I’ve been a google user for about 1.5 years (gmail, gtalk, calendar, reader, chrome). I couldn’t imagine my current dependency over Google because, at first I was just a G-calendar user, sharing schedules with lab members. I wonder I can switch to iPhone from Android. Probably there must be strong motivation. Otherwise, I shall have to use Android, anyway. If this was the strategy of Google, I’m the victim :) Then what is Apple?

    By the way, it took 13 minutes to boot a Windows XP laptop for just opening the Internet Explorer email checking. It is energy inefficient and time consuming.

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