Visualize WiFi spectrum

An amazing concept created by a group of researchers from OSLO, exploring the invisible electromagnetic fields from indoor WiFi networks in a urban(outdoor) environment. All detected using a technique of light-painting by  a rod of 4 meters long and 80 spots of light that measure RSSI from WiFi networks.


The researchers claim that “Through visualisations and the process of creating them we have unpacked some of the qualities of WiFi networks and made them understandable as spatial and contextual phenomena. This process of making the phenomena material through visualisation shows how digital structures and physical environments are interwoven elements of the urban landscape. It also illustrates how our interactions with devices and networks are a part of the fabric of everyday urban life”

Here more details about it

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2 Responses to Visualize WiFi spectrum

  1. Jens Zander says:

    Cute pictures – from an artistic perspective. Does it add to our understanding of radio propagation? Maybe. I particular in WiFi in cities its actually the interference that creates the problems. Can one do a light rod experiment on that ? Different colors for different access points… That would be something neat.

  2. Amazing pictures form artistic side.WiFi is growth technology for this days. If Implement WiFi means easy to access net within 3 km.Its really amazing news for technical people.

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