IEEE DySPAN 2011: keynote speeches (day 1)

DySPAN 2011 started with three keynote speeches, which are in my very personal opinion the highlight of the day 1. It seemed that organizing committee made great effort to have good speakers, and their effort payed off. A plain summary of each talk would be boring (keynote speeches are boring in nature even in their best forms :)). Instead, I blog on my impression about the talks.

Forward-looking regulatory framework by Matthias Kurth (the president of BNetzA)
I think the German regulator is a bit slow in dynamic spectrum access compared to its counterparts in the USA and the UK. However, it is also well aware of the importance of DSA in future wireless world. He mentioned three European projects that BNetzA is working with: FARAMIR, OneFIT, and QUASAR. A special emphais was given to QUASAR, a project assessing and quantifying the availability of secondary spectrum access, which he thinks one of the most important ongoing activities.

Radio spectrum and innovation, by David Cleevely (CRFS, UK)
David gave an enthusiastic talk about aspects to be considered in DSA
– existing use
– availability of spectrum (scenario dependent)
– network architecture
– market power
– standards and interfaces
Above all, researchers should have preconception in doing studies. Nothing brand new, but its importance cannot be overestimated. On top of that, his talk was very compelling with his enthusiasm.

Dynamic spectrum access policy in the US, by Doug Sicker (CTO of FCC)
Undoubtedly USA is the country which has the most strong influence to worldwide trend. In the sense, I think it is lucky that FCC has a person like Doug who is knowledgeable of DSA (far more than ordinary researchers) and very active. An interesting ongoing work in FCC is building a database of spectrum allocation facts. Currently, it is so messy that it prevents DSA from being realized. Interested readers can visit FCC Spectrum Dashboard (still being updated).

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