IEEE DySPAN 2011: keynote speech by Victor Bahl (day 3)

I had a little chat with my acquaintances participating in the conference, and they agreed that the highlight of the DySAPN 2011 is really in keynote speeches and panel discussions although paper presentations are also interesting.

Victor Bahl is a principal researcher and director at Microsoft research. Title of his talk was attractive enough to draw my attention: “Wireless frontier: from 600 MHz to 60 GHz,” but his talk was mostly about TV white spaces.

Anyhow, I was interested in his talk mainly because I was not aware that Microsoft have been so active in exploiting the TV white spaces. They have done far more than I imagined. For example, they boast the world-first urban TV white space testbed in its Redmond campus in Washington state. They also have a vision of being a TV white space database provider in the USA.

Readers are recommended to visit their research website if interested.

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