Tutorial in Spectrum Management: Technologies, Economics, Regulatory Environment

This is one of the FREE tutorials offered by IEEE Communications Society. The panel is chaired by Hans van de Groenendaal and conformed by: Jon Peha from USA Federal Communications Commission (he couldn’t be there but he sent a presentation) , Anne-Tuulia Leino from Nokia Siemens Networks, Gehard Petrick from Multichoice, Wladimir Bocquet from Orange labs, Roger Blackshaw on behalf of Detecon, and Siyabonga Madyipa.

The tutorial has six different presentations from the panelist which basically gives the same message: Regulation should be ahead of technology instead of competed with technology! So, there is a need for new ways to manage the spectrum both from economic and regulatory prospective.

Other point discussed is about harmonization of spectrum usages, Leino and Bocquet emphasized the benefits of harmonization on the cost-efficient equipment on markets, to ensure time availability of equipments, and to respond quickly to market needs and to bridge the digital divide. Nevertheless, Petrick mentions that harmonization may create congestions in some bands. An open question is how do we achieve harmonization?

Peha in his presentation made a call to the research community to step forward proposing innovative approaches to use and share spectrum more efficiently, given that the demand for spectrum will continue to grow to 500MHz in the next 5 years. He suggests that the approaches should include: 1) Improved transparency of spectrum use, 2) New policies that give greater incentive for efficiency, and 3) Expanded use of technologies that allow opportunistic access to spectrum.

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