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LTE-Advanced for Dummies!

Don’t miss out on this highly pedagogic video clip from Ericsson Research featuring Mikael Höök and explaining everything you need to know about LTE-Advanced! Enjoy

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France Telecom outlines mobile offload strategy

In a recent post on Total telecom, France Telecom says that WiFI is the right approach to off-load mobile data traffic. The challanges lies, however, in the available spectrum and in backhaul:  “The majority of smartphones are capable of using WiFi … Continue reading

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Infrastructure sharing (finally) fashionable ?

Infrastructure sharing in mobile networks has long been a non-issue for many operators. Despite the obvious cost reduction gains, sharing with your competitor limits your freedom to act on the market, to distinguish your product from the competition.  Obviously the … Continue reading

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Androids take the lead

A recent article in NielsenWire shows that Android is now in 56% of all smartphones sold in August 2011. Apple keeps its 28% share of convinced followers but the remaining competition (I guess including Windows mobile is basically obliterated.  58% … Continue reading

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Highlights from ITS conference in Budapest

The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) held its 22nd regional conference in Budapest 18-21 September. Focus on the conference was innovative ICT applications, emerging regulatory, economic and policy issues. The conference attracted around 200 participants from academia, industry, operators, regulators and … Continue reading

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How to achive 1000 times more capacity?

It looks like a there is a consensus about the expected data increase in upcoming 10 years. Operators and vendors are expecting 1000 times more traffic in 2020!! Unfortunately for operators it does not mean 1000 times more revenue. Dragan … Continue reading

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You cannot cheat on energy

Energy efficiency of wireless network is getting more and more popularity among the wireless research community. It is now difficult to find a conference not having a panel discussion about green technology. In IEEE PIMRC 2011, there was a panel … Continue reading

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WiFI offload – getting ahead of the bandwidth curve NOW

The telecom industry is still struggling with the concept of ‘commodity’ (spelled as IP-bit pipes). Are we dealing with a “destructive race for the bottom” in a market which wants more and more bandwidth at cheaper and cheaper prices?  While … Continue reading

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PIMRC 2011-Towards small cell technologies

In PIMRC’ 11, I atteded one tutorial and presented two technical papers. The tutorial was about femtocell intereference management. The values from the tutorial were that it categorized very well general approaches in femtocell interference management and overviewd the concept of recently developed Stochastic Geometry. It was … Continue reading

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What will lead future traffic increase? (a thought from IEEE PIMRC 2011)

The 22nd IEEE PIMRC conference was held in Toronto, Canada on 11th-14th September 2011. PIMRC is one of the large and well-established conferences in wireless communications area. I remember that ten technical sessions were run in parallell in the PIMRC … Continue reading

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