Chinacom 2011-Some notes

My first conference visit was to Harbin for the 6th International ICST Conference on Communications and Networking in China (Chinacom). I was not only excited to travel to Asia for the first time but also to make a presentation at an international conference. At the end I came back with a nice experience and lots of new information. It is really amazing how people from all over the world just came to present their work in given 20 minutes.

I would like to share some notes from the conference. First day was reserved for the tutorails and workshops. I have attended half-day tutorial session with the title “LTE and LTE-Advanced” which is given by Prof. Peter Han Joo CHONG from Singapure. Even though allmost everybody heard about 4G and know some details about LTE& LTE-Advanced, it is always nice to listen somebody who tells everything as a package. But I have also learnt something new which is called TD-LTE (Chinese call it home-made 4G standard) which is only used in China. However, when we look at the numbers, we can realize how big is the market and why we need to know more about it. Dr. Huidi Li who is Assistant President of China Mobile Communications Corporation mentioned that only China mobile has 600 million 2G and 35 million 3G users!! It is such an amazing numbers! That’s why the vendors are competing to produce the handsets and base stations which support this home-made standard. Nowadays 10 vendors (Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Motorola, etc.) are chosen for the trial deployment of 4G network and Dr. Huidi mentioned that they will choose 2 of them to deploy all over the country. When we consider that they have already 220.000 3G base stations, we can imagine how big the contest is!! I am really curious of the upcoming result.

The panel discussion was also very interesting which was held on the third day with the title “Future mobile communication, and its collaboration with broadcast and IOT(Internet of Things) ” The speakers were from Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Docomo, NEC, Hitachin and WuXi SensingNet Research Institute. As you may guess, it was very interesting to listen the views if this big companies about future mobile communication.

If you are curious about my presentation, I think I did okay considering that it’s my first time. Even though it was at the last session of the last day, there were some people who looked like they were interested in my talk :) I was also honored that Dr. Chen Lan from Docomo attended the session and asked some question about my work! :)

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  1. Syed Fahad Yunas says:

    Hi Congratulations on your first paper. nnAbout this TD-LTE, isn’t it the same as LTE-TDD (time division duplexing) for the chinese market (a 3GPP solution for SD-CDMA evolution). If yes, I doubt if this is very recent as I have been reading about it for quite sometime now.nn

  2. Sibel says:

    Thanks Syed,nYes as you said, it is LTE-TDD and it is not very new. Since we always read and learn about LTE-FDD and we call it “LTE” directly, I did not know about it. Since the conference was in China, everybody was talking about TD-LTE which was surprising for me! :)

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