PIMRC 2011-Towards small cell technologies

In PIMRC’ 11, I atteded one tutorial and presented two technical papers. The tutorial was about femtocell intereference management. The values from the tutorial were that it categorized very well general approaches in femtocell interference management and overviewd the concept of recently developed Stochastic Geometry. It was always useful to have the big picture on what is going on the literature and learn the concept on new mathematical methodolgy. I also presented two papers in consecutive sessions about  deployment costs and operator cooperation in Autonomous Infrastructure and Deployment track. One of noticeble things in the track was that many papers from industries, e.g., NEC, Alcatel, Ericsson, etc, were presetened. However, almost all of presented papers were discussing on either centralized or distributed algortihms in a general or specific system. Anyone rarely has explicitly questioned yet on the cost issues to implement them even though technical feasibility or economical viability to enable theses is still questionable.

There were two  panel discussions related to small cell technologies: ‘Femtocells & WiFi: towards cost efficient ubi. broadband’ and ‘Heterogeneous networks’. In the first discussion, the first impression was that they do not seem to have clear conceptual difference on two technologies. Instead, they claimed that operators want femtocells since they coordinate networks. In that perspective, one question came to me: Which will be more comercially cost-efficient, exsiting WiFi technologies with marginal modificiations, e.g., IEEE 802.11v,  or new standard developement, e.g., HeNB in LTE? In the second discussion, many questions about the technical feasibility of interference management were there, e.g., realistic interference coordination frequency or the feasibility of shared backbones to support small cell deployment. However, they have not answered clearly.

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