Stage 1 in 1800 MHz-auction is now concluded – total bid sum SEK 1,349,999,999

Stage 1 in the auction of the refarming of the Swedish 1800MHz has been concluded today after 18 bidding rounds. In stage 1 2×35 MHz is assigned, divided into seven frequency blocks of 2×5 MHz each.

The winning bidders and the amount they have to pay are:

Net4Mobility HB has won 2 frequency blocks (2×10 MHz) for SEK 430,000,000.
TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB] has won 5 frequency blocks (2×25 MHz) for SEK 919,999,999. Hi3G Access AB also participated but did not win any blocks in stage 1 of the auction.

Whereas PTS is set to be the guardian of competition in the Swedish telecom market, one may wonder if auction, where the deepest pockets is bound to win, is the optimum way to allocate spectrum?

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