An era laid to rest: Sony buys Ericsson out of mobile phone joint venture

Sony Corp is to take over its mobile phone joint venture with Ericsson for 1.05 billion euros ($1.5 billion), as it seeks to exploit its music and video to help it catch smartphone leaders such as Apple Inc, Reuters reports.

Ericsson’s handset development started in Gävle with the aqcuisition of the radio company SRA in the 70-ties, was moved to Lund in the early 80-ties and after the merger and joint venture with Sony some 10 years ago, it is now finally gone.

Ericsson never was a consumer product company, one dares to say. Maybe this was inevitable? Still, I think it sad – most people in the world really don’t care who the maker is of the network they are using. Ericsson’s brand name may soon diminish.

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3 Responses to An era laid to rest: Sony buys Ericsson out of mobile phone joint venture

  1. Syed Fahad Yunas says:

    Indeed its very sad. I wouldn’t say the Ericsson was never a consumer product company, I recall in the late 90’s the T series mobile phones were a big success. People actually loved carrying those mobile phones; my first AMPS cell phone was Ericsson CT700- good old days :)

    But I don’t know what happened, things did not go very well afterwards.

  2. Peter_in_stockholm_82 says:

    Hopefully from now on when i tell someone that i work at Ericsson, they won’t ask me if i can fix their (Sony) Ericsson phone!

    • Syed Fahad Yunas says:

      Haha, nice one. Something similar happened to me during my undergrad program in Computer Engineering. There was a guy in our neighborhood; he came to me one day and said ‘this is my computer’s main board (burned), please fix it’ and all I could do is stare at him with a blank face.

      Well…. what can you say about people and their innocent talk.

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