‘Customers Satisfaction’ and ‘Customers Experience’

Here is an interesting article by Erik E. Byström, a senior consultant at NorthStream. The article is about the eagerness of customers that have, on one side, enabled the evolution of mobile technology that we are witnessing today but, on the other side, left the mobile operators exhausted in a bid to fulfill their customer expectations.

Erik E. Byström raises an important issue about the current strategy of mobile operators. Up till the present day, the mobile operators have only focused on ‘customer satisfaction’ which, from the operators view point, has always been linked to the technical quality (coverage, capacity, data rates, latency etc) of their mobile network and this is the final mile that they (operators) are targeting. However, according to Erik, the mobile operators should do more and go that extra mile to provide good ‘customer experience’ which the operators have ignored so far. ‘Customer Satisfaction’ should be a prerequisite not a service differentiator.

Read more over here: It’s not all in the network

My question: What sort of additional service would you want from your service provider that you think will enhance your usage experience? Reply below in the comments.


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  1. Syed Fahad Yunas says:

    One such effort has been by SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications). They have launched an ebook service for their customers. Now I don’t know how successful will this be, but still a nice effort in bringing some added value stuff to their customers.

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