The 4G Deployment Challenge (Online Game) by Ericsson


For all those radio network planners out there, think you are equipped with the necessary skills to deploy 4G network? Challenge yourself and colleagues to a fun game by Ericsson.

You are a network planner who has been allocated some budget, power constraints and two types of Base stations: Macrocell BS, Picocell BS.

The Macrocell BS provides more coverage but comes with high CAPEX and OPEX

The Picocell BS on the other hand provides smaller coverage but consumes relatively low power and is much cheaper.

5 scenarios in total (mix of urban, suburban and rural).

Person with the highest score will get a chance to spend a  fun packed day at Ericsson!


(Thanks for Dr. Stefan Pettersson to point out the missing link).

So happy deploying :)


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