SAS deploys WiFi and Telephony on board their airplanes!

With more than 6000 airplanes connected to the ground based Gogo system in North America and Row42’s satelite based service on board Norwegian and some other European airlines, inflight internet is quickly becoming a standard commodity.

However, SAS now claims to be the first airline to offer both WiFI and telephony! “Staying connected with loved ones and business contacts in flight has never been easier”, as the advert says. The system delivered by Panasonic offers a GSM phone service in collaboration with AeroMobile, an operator specialized in in-flight GSM.

Passengers will be able to use their own mobile phones in flight for voice and data services with “low per-minute calling changes comparable with international roaming rates”! The latter statement is of course relative :-)

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2 Responses to SAS deploys WiFi and Telephony on board their airplanes!

  1.  I thought using mobile phones and other gadgets on board can disrupt air traffic signals which could result to a fatal accident. They should first review this policy before they go all out with it.

    • Peter_in_stockholm_82 says:

      in case you haven’t traveled recently, passangers are not allowed to use electronic gadgets (including phones and laptops) during take off and landing. During all other times, there is no issue with using these gadgets. The same would hold for the WiFi and telephony services i assume.

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