Swedish regulator PTS opens 1800 MHz mobile spectrum for license exempt

  opened a small slot of paired spectrum for license free use starting Oct 1st this year. The frequency band 1783,1-1784,9/1878,1-1879,9 MHz is open for indoor GSM communication at a maximum downlink peak power of 100 mW EIRP. This step has been pushed by marked needs and follows similar initiatives taken in UK and Netherlands. PTS expects new business in shopping malls, office campus areas, consumer installations, M2M applications, and importantly also R&D. At the Communication Systems Dept. there are already two different applications activated.

A critisim against this initiative is that spectrum may be wasted in case no users appears. This is still to verify, but several companies have already revealed their intension on a variety of services. PTS has also announced that an additional chuck of spectrum will be released after new year 2012/2013 togheter with the oppotunity to operate LTE in a planned slot of 5 MHz paired spectrum.

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