About WCNC 2013 in Shanghai

WCNC 2013 took place in Shanghai this year. There’s a huge interest about energy-efficient networking in the conference and three out of five keynotes are about it. Besides, there’re also two tutorials about it. Besides traditional wireless technologies like radio resource management, hetnet, cooperative communications, there’re also growing interests in relatively new areas like visible light communications, Gigabit WiFi, security, cellular cloud computing, etc. In the conference I chaired a session about Cognitive Radio, trying to find potential solutions of the fundamental problems in CR, e.g. how to identify silent victims etc. However most presentations are more interested in presenting papers. I also presented our recent research result on “energy efficiency in the wideband regime”. A fundamental building block of any communication networks is end-to-end communications. The first step of a global energy-efficient network design is the EE design of end-to-end communications. This paper addresses this issue and provides fundamental understanding about how you should deploy networks (both wired or wireless) and how you should send data in each relay/router. Besides globally optimal solutions are provided. As a first step, wideband regime is considered. Examples include wired communications using copper or fiber optics where the bandwidth is almost infinite and the channel is flat and line-ofsight (LOS) wireless backhaul communications with multigigahertz bandwidth. The technologies proposed can be used in various communication systems, such as the deployment and communication of wired core networks and wireless relay networks, to improve their energy efficiency. Regarding the narrow band generic case, well, it’s also done and should be published very soon … The next step should be a generic understanding of 2D network topologies.

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