IoT paper by Wireless@KTH researchers at conference on Electronic Commerce in Turku, August 13-15.

The researchers Andres Laya and Jan Markendahl from Wireless@KTH attended the 15th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2013) in Turku (Åbo), Finland, August 13-15.

Andres and Jan presented a paper co-authored with Per Andersson at Stockholm School of Economics:
Business Challenges for Services Based on New Technology – Analysis of IoT Service and Mobile Payment Cases

All paper presentations from the conference can be found here:

The interesting key note talk by professor Omar El Sawy on business models can be found using this link.

At this conference many of the leading business oriented researchers in the area of  mobile services and electronic commerce attended. Examples are Omar El Sawy, Harry Bouwman, Jukka  Heikkilä and Pieter Ballon. All of these discussed business models at a panel session where different business model approaches were presented and compared. The panelists are key persons of business model concepts like STOF, VISOR and CSOFT.

The question to the panelists “are business models just a luxury for academics and not useful for practical  work?” was answered by “no”.

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