IEEE PIMRC 2013, Day 1, part 2

This a second part of my note on the keynote speech at IEEE PIMRC 2013, Day 1. Lauri Oksanen from NSN gave another keynote speech.

First of all, for those who think NSN stands for Nokia Siemens Networks, you’re wrong (although you were correct a month ago). I learnt that they have changed the company name as Nokia Solutions and Networks” since August 2013. With the new name, they published new vision, which is

“Mobile networks are able to deliver one gigabyte of personalized data per user per day profitably.”

It sounds strange to me because mentioning a specific number (1GB/user/day) in a vision statement is not common. Apart from this, one can easily find the theme of their vision is “personalization.”

Apparently, NSN thinks that the way of maintaining profitability in data avalanche is to make the data delivery personalized. I did not fully understand what is meant by personalization, but it looks like a combination of customer experience management (CEM), customer profiling and differentiation, localized applications, use of big data for predictive network optimization, and adaptive security setting.

I am not sure how significant the personalization would be for the profitability of mobile operators. Furthermore, I am wondering how much the operators could contribute to the personalization provided that IT companies (Google, Apple, and Facebook) are also keen to provide personalized services. I am really looking forward to seeing what NSN will bring.

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