Conflicts and Compromising between Technology and business

ITS conference in Florence 2013 is an interesting experience for me to understand the business and regulation aspects in information and communication industry. I met many professionals from business and law and had good discussions.

First, I attended a session on licensed spectrum sharing issues. I realized that a regulator issues for spectrum is quite complicated but their understating technology issue about sharing spectrum is a bit limited but it is helpful to understand how to use spectrum efficiently is critical issues.

Second, we, people from technology and from business and law have a different view about IT technology. Even though, they do not understand technologies much, they try to employ these to market, considering how these technologies affect to market. However, engineers do not care about much impact on market of technologies they have developed.

Third, one of good impression in ITS conference is a good decoration for presenting their idea and paper. As long as I feel, they try to persuade the audience but sometimes it seems that they talked too much. But I think that we need to learn how to advertise our work to others.

Fourth, to me, engineers and marketers could feel that they live in totally different world.  We knew that marketers and regulators sometime talked something wrong in technical aspects. Also, they don’t understand fully what engineers said. We cannot explain some technologies with more easy word. Nevertheless, we tried to make basic background and understanding in both worlds to be successful in two areas because we view things in different angles.

Next, I would like to talk more about my presentation in ITS.

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