Dreamhack – the future of internet

Two weeks ago I saw the future. Together with 22809 others alike i visited the world’s largest LAN party: Dreamhack! The numbers are astonishing:

  • 8714 participants with computers, most of them teenagers
  • 17403 connected devices
  • 438 TB Total transmitted data, 304 TB in downlink, 134 in uplink
  • Available downlink bandwidth 120Gbps!

To enter Dreamhack with a laptop and a wireless connection is of course unheard of in the year 2013. Fixed CAT6 cable connection and a “fat” stationary computer preferably equipped with 3 screens and water cooled graphic cards and processors are to be preferred. Still, many lessons of the future can be learned by the mobile broadband community:

  1. Almost 30% of the transmitted data is uplink.
  2. There is never enough bandwidth.
  3. Latency kills the game.

In 10 years all of these teenagers will be professionals in various areas. Will then their computing habits dramatically have changed? Will there be a wireless standard that may satisfy their needs?

I don’t know the answers to all these questions but my guess is that what we saw at Dreamhack 2013 is only a glimpse of the internet demands of the future!

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