I recently attended INFOCOM 2014 in Toronto between April 27th – May 2nd, 2014. INFOCOM is more related to the networking society. Compared to Globecom/ICC, Infocom has only three hundred papers presented and has about ten sessions in each half day. In each session, only four papers are presented, each with as long as thirty minutes.  So you have plenty of time to hear the details of each presented paper. There’re many interesting technical sessions, e.g. Cloud computing, Security and privacy, big data,  Localization , RFID, and so on. After attending many discussions with similar 5G topics repeatedly for a long time, it was quite a fresh and inspiring experience as you can see new stuffs.  There are three sessions about Energy efficiency in wireless networks, covering designs in terminals, cellular networks, ad hoc sensor networks, etc.

I presented out research paper “Context-Aware Machine-to-Machine Communications” in the Green Cognitive Communications and Computer Networking (GCCCN)  workshop on Monday afternoon (a joint work with our master student Javier Mendonca Costa). This paper addresses both the common platform and energy efficiency issues of IoT. It proposes the adoption of contexts through a generic context-aware platform for M2M communications. With this platform, machine devices dynamically adapt their settings depending on a series of characteristics such as data reporting mode, QoS features, and network conditions to achieve higher energy efficiency and extend the operating lifetime of M2M networks.The results demonstrate considerable energy savings and operating lifetime extension on the network when the proposed context-aware framework is used. Thus, it is shown that contexts play an important role on the energy efficiency of M2M systems.

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