IMP 2014 conference in Bordeaux: IoT services seem to be an unexploited area for business network researchers

I attended the 30th annual IMP conference organized by the KEDGE business school in Bordeaux September 4-6. Key themes are about how and why business networks are developed and maintained, typically how suppliers and customer develop relations and interact.

Our research interests of this conference is to look into research on how new technology can be adopted and how new services and companies can emerge, more specifically, how ICT and IoT can be used for new services or to improve existing services.


I presented three papers on business aspects of IoT services, one together with Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, former professor at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).

  • Service innovations enabled by Internet of Things- a network process phenomena,
    Lars-Gunnar Mattsson and Per Andersson, SSE, Jan Markendahl, KTH
  • Technology based welfare innovations: The implementation of remote patient monitoring, mobile health, and healthcare networking information systems,
    Per Andersson, SSE and Jan Markendahl, KTH
  • Transformation of home care services, related working processes and business models due to introduction of mobile technology; Jan Markendahl and Andrés Laya, KTH

Many sessions wereabout value processes, value creation, business networks and Business to Business (B2B) relationships. It seems like IoT is not (yet) identified as an area of interest for these Business model and Business network researchers. Besides the three KTH/SSE papers on IoT there was just one paper that addressed similar topics, one about smart cities. This paper (and the related research paper) is interesting since it compare the BIG visions and ideas of smart cities with what happen in REAL life when  small towns implement smart city concepts, in this case the  NCE Smart Energy Markets in some Norwegian towns.

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