Smart Sustainable Cities Day 2014

Last week some of the components of the Tele-Economic team had the great opportunity to attend to the Smart Sustainable Cities Day 2014,  as part of the SICS  Software Week organized by SICS, from Swedish ICT. Swedish ICT is a group of world-class research institutes in the forefront of ICT research and development, including Acreo Swedish ICT, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, SICS Swedish ICT and Viktoria Swedish ICT.

The main goal of the day was to meet and gather different opinions from actors and representatives from the industry including major actors like Ericsson or Intel and small IoT start-ups like Yanzi or Evothings. The conference was divided in three different sections:

  • General approach assessing the main challenges and barriers for IoT development.
  • Introduction to specific cases like Smart Home use cases, IoT services driving sustainability and climate innovation or the drivers for sustainable innovation towards IoT.
  • Showcase of IoT start-ups introducing their products and value proposition.

From our research perspective, the most interesting part outcome was the discussion regarding IoT development challenges, the speakers agreed on some crucial factors:

  • Current IoT services and applications are usually pain point solutions designed for a specific sector or activity. In order to maximize IoT development we need to break the silos and developed common strategies for different sectors, addressing issues like cross-industrial interoperability between devices and platforms.
  • Technology/cost development. To achieve a wide adoption of IoT services the cost should be reduced dramatically, making it very easy and very cheap to use.
  • Business model challenge. While technological challenges seem to be achievable, efficient and profitable business models are still not defined. Therefore this gap needs to be fulfilled to deploy IoT massively.

Some of these challenges have been already mentioned and discussed in other conferences as well as in other Unwired posts and our team is active commited in different projects assessing and proposing solutions for them.


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