IoT conference with sessions on Smart cities and Smart homes but also about spectrum management

EU event on IoT

The 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit: Shaping tomorrow’s European Internet landscape was held 3rd & 4th March 2014 in Brussels. It was organized by Forum Europe which is an independent EU policy debate specialist that organizes these kinds of events. Different aspects of IoT were discussed; impact of regulation & policy, financing, cloud computing and big data, see the complete program:

Smart cities and connected homes

My areas of interest were about applications so I focused on sessions with the theme

Realizing the benefits of The Internet of Things and its impact on Society:

Here both smart cities and the Connected Home were discussed. Despite the word “benefits” in the title it was a lot of high-level issues that were presented, typically “ visions” and presentation of different big project. To be aware of all these projects is very useful.

Panel session on Spectrum management and IoT 

I also chaired a panel session on Spectrum management and IoT with a number of people with a strong background in spectrum management and/or regulation. The panelists were:

The initial remarks and discussion revolved around the following issues:

  • What are the expected short-term and long-term spectrum needs for IoT ?
  • What frequencies provide the best options for the next generation of connected devices?
  • What can be done to generate additional capacity in existing bands and how can we make better use of the spectrum that is already available?
  • Is M2M a key driver for spectrum sharing?
  • Is there a need for dedicated or exclusive spectrum for smart grid services, or can shared spectrum be used?

All panelists highlighted the impact of the long process of allocating and re-allocating spectrum.  William Webb claimed that “ spectrum for new actors” is highly important in order “to make M2M and IoT to happen”, this cannot be handled only by the existing mobile operators using their licensed spectrum. Secondary spectrum access and spectrum sharing could be part of the solution. Richard Womersley highlighted the possibility to share  spectrum curently allocated for satellite communication to epctrum with local area systems for wireless communication.

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