A few words on ITS Europe and the MNO vs OTT battle

The 26th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society was held on June 24th in San Lorenzo del Escorial in Spain. I had the opportunity to attend and present our paper titled: Internet of Things: Redefinition of business models for the next generation of telecom services.

During the three days of the conference we had the opportunity to participate in discussions on a number of topics related to the development of the telecommunications industry in Europe, topics such as Net Neutrality, Digital Divide, 5G, Internet-Of-Things, business modelling and others.

In my session I had the pleasure to listen to Miguel Vidal, from T-Mobile, with his presentation on: “Is competition just for losers? The economics of the internet value chain revisited”. A very interesting description of the economics behind the internet, the potential creation of monopolies and how the internet giants are erasing the business results of telcos. In this sense, the different regulation for internet and for telcos was shown. Something that, in my humble opinion, has more to do with the level of maturity of the two industries than with other reasons.

Finally the need of a common and strong regulation was for the digital market in Europe was introduced. In my opinion, it would be very interesting to listen to also other actors involved in this process and see which points they share and which ones they do not. In any case, the presentation was a very complete introduction to the economics on the internet era and the implications for the different actors involved.

Regarding our paper “Internet of Things: Redefinition of business models for the next generation of telecom services” provides an assessment of existing M2M business models and arrangements in selected industry segments. It studies the drivers and barriers for adaption of M2M and IoT in transforming operations in the selected industry segments, and focusses on identifying recurring patterns in the transformation process. The change in value propositions as well as how value networks transform is studied and analysed. The studied segments and services are: Public transportation services, Automotive and vehicle related services, Smart energy services and Health care and home care services.

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