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Does it get any Smarter? Let 5G decide on that!!!

A Smart City is often defined as an innovative city that uses ICT and other means to improve quality of life, efficiency of urban operations and services, and competitiveness, while ensuring that it meets the needs of present and future generations with respect to … Continue reading

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Who should build “my” (Utility) communication network?

Gathering more than 10 thousand attendees from all over the world, at its 25th anniversary, DISTRIBUTECH had multiple agendas. The most interesting one for the unwired people then was the question introduced in this post’s title. Utilities mainly question that: … Continue reading

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Network Sharing; is it a dream?

By 2012, the EU commission started promoting Network Sharing as a tool to bring socio-economic benefits to European nations. It took them just one year (in 2013) to advise Telecom National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) to authorise both passive and active … Continue reading

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Can we make the Energy smarter with Wireless!?

Although Smart Energy may sound bizarre to some people but a lot of researchers are trying to make Energy smarter by all means. This includes smarter Supply, Transmission, Sub-Stations, Distribution and last but not least Smart Consumption. And in case … Continue reading

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The ITS Conference – Where Regulation & Policy meet Technology

Some years ago, as a freshly graduated telecom engineer, I used to think that this is only our worrisome to make the industry progress thus only engineers are obliged to turn the wheel of industry and make all the impossible … Continue reading

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