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AT&T planning to shut down its GSM networks

This may mark the starting of ‘an end of a great era’. AT&T officially announced that they will be shutting down the dated but still the most popular 2nd generation network, the GSM, in the US in coming five years. … Continue reading

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Light squared: We are not going away

Seems like Light Squared are not backing away without a fight. Light Squared’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs and public policy told reporters that they are not going away and hoped that their wholesale partners hang on to them … Continue reading

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Tiny Transmitters Could Help Avert Data Throttling

Major carriers, arguing that their networks are clogged with smart-phone and tablet traffic, are increasingly implementing data throttling, the practice of targeting heavy users by slowing down data-transfer speeds. Now a gadget invented at Bell Labs—a programmable, pint-sized transmitter that … Continue reading

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The 4G Deployment Challenge (Online Game) by Ericsson

  For all those radio network planners out there, think you are equipped with the necessary skills to deploy 4G network? Challenge yourself and colleagues to a fun game by Ericsson. You are a network planner who has been allocated … Continue reading

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‘Customers Satisfaction’ and ‘Customers Experience’

Here is an interesting article by Erik E. Byström, a senior consultant at NorthStream. The article is about the eagerness of customers that have, on one side, enabled the evolution of mobile technology that we are witnessing today but, on … Continue reading

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New Journal: ‘Wireless Communications Letters (WCL)’

Here is a new journal initiated by IEEE Communicaton Society (Comsoc) in Wireless Communications. Looks pretty good for publishing short articles (of max 4. pages) fast. Their first volume is set to be released in 2012 Here the the URL … Continue reading

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