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Android’s law

The law is explained quite explicitly in the chart. What will be the limit of Android Law? Will people afford to buy new model of cell phone that earlier? Please read more in this article.

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Moving from Plastic Age to Digital Age

Soon the people will start leaving their wallets in their homes, since the cell phones will become the wallets, according to Credit cards will become obsolete, due to the ease of payment using the contactless(wireless) transactions. The curves for expected mobile … Continue reading

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Clean Power for Mobile Networks

The number of mobile subscribers are growing at unprecedented rate especially in developing countries. However, most of the population in these countries live in rural areas and it becomes challenging to provide electric power to the base stations in these … Continue reading

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Mobile trends 2020

Following writing contains interesting comments about mobile technology trend in 2020 There are many predictions in it,  however some of them are really amazing like 1)   Implanted Bluetooth ear and Microphone 2)   Some (rich) people will pay to be disconneted 3)  … Continue reading

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