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Net Neutrality and QoE – Some notes from the ITS Conference

ITS Conference in San Lorenzo del Escorial offered an excellent opportunity to integrate and discuss different visions about the development of the telecommunications market. Interesting ideas came out when the Net Neutrality issue was on the floor. In this post … Continue reading

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D2D communications: an effective means for beyond frequency reuse >>1

Device-to-Device (D2D) communications has been gaining more popularity among researchers in both academia and industry. It has the potential to offload traffic from cellular networks, improve energy efficiency, and extend coverage, etc. D2D enables mobile devices in proximity to establish local links for data communications. D2D enables novel wireless … Continue reading

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The 22nd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2015): Beyond 5G and Post-Moore Law

From 27th – 29th April 2015, I attended the 22nd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT 2015), Sydney (, where I presented a paper titled “ Impact of the Flexible Spectrum Aggregation Schemes on the Cost of Future Mobile Networks”. The … Continue reading

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ICIN conference 2015 – 5G and IoT challenges

ICIN conference is a series of conferences bringing together leading telecom and internet experts from industry, universities and government worldwide. Its activities started back in 1989, creating a community of experts and researchers which lasts until today. The conference was held at … Continue reading

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The First BioSense Scientific Workshop (and the future of M2M in GSM)

We gladly accepted the invitation to participate in The First BioSense Scientific Workshop, held on February 18-20, 2015 at the BioSense Center, University of Novi Sad, Serbia; An internal event gathering 3 on-going FP7 projects (InnoSense, EOPOWER and ADVANTAGE). The … Continue reading

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Global Communications and Signal Processing 2014

IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP) is a recently launched flagship conference of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. GlobalSIP 2014 focus broadly on signal and information processing with an emphasis on up-and-coming signal processing themes. It was … Continue reading

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Network Sharing; is it a dream?

By 2012, the EU commission started promoting Network Sharing as a tool to bring socio-economic benefits to European nations. It took them just one year (in 2013) to advise Telecom National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) to authorise both passive and active … Continue reading

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M2M in Developing Countries

7th CMI conference on ‘Mobile Communications in Developing Countries’ was a great opportunity for early researcher to share their findings regarding mobile communications in developing countries. The conference was organized by The Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies at Alborg … Continue reading

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So… what is the verdict on the future of the sub-700 MHz band?

The short answer is: nobody knows. The slightly more elaborated version is: after the study by Plum consulting, the cost and benefit of deploying a converged platform in sub-700 MJHz band is still unclear because of the uncertainties of the … Continue reading

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ITS 2014: Standalone Mobile Business Model – disrupts or to be disrupted

From 22nd – 25th June 2014, I attended the European Regional International Telecommunication Society Conference (ITS 2014), Brussels, Belgium (, where I presented two papers: the first paper  titled “The Incentives and Challenges of Delivering Linear Broadcasting Services over Cellular Network … Continue reading

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