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The price of freedom – is unlicensed spectrum a waste of resources ?

In a recent COMSOC Technology News article, Thomas Hazlett and Michael Honig discuss how deal with spectrum in those frequency ranges where WiFi and cellular collide. They argue that when spectrum is scarce, unlicensed, “free”, spectrum is economically inefficient. The argument is … Continue reading

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Fiber Access changes gears

You may not have noticed, but broadband internet access in Sweden has reached “critical mass”. At some point, during the last year or so, this feature in homes went from a luxury item for a selected few, to a sanitary … Continue reading

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The ITS Conference – Where Regulation & Policy meet Technology

Some years ago, as a freshly graduated telecom engineer, I used to think that this is only our worrisome to make the industry progress thus only engineers are obliged to turn the wheel of industry and make all the impossible … Continue reading

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