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IEEE Globecom 2012- Are we going back to centralized networks?

I have attended GLOBECOM 2012 which is held in Anaheim, USA on 3-7 December. Unfortunately I could only stay for the first two days since I needed to attend another meeting in UK. You can find my notes in the … Continue reading

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Mobile pricing stats…

PTS, the Swedish regulator released its report on “Price progression in Mobile Telephony and Broadband Access (Swedish). This is an interesting follow-up on the recent user statistics. Picking a few interesting numbers The average cost for mobile telephony for at … Continue reading

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IEEE Globecom’12- What’s a small cell and what are research problems there?

I attended IEEE Globecom 2012 in Anaheim during the last week. Overall, I found that there are growing interests on M2M and cloud services at least from an industry side. Also, interests on small cells and energy efficiency were relatively … Continue reading

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Out of the cloud into the fog…

Globecom 2012 – day 3 coverage: Attended the Industry forum on IT Industry Transformation – Clouds, Security, Mobility and Computing. The keynote speaker was Flavio Bonomi, Head of Advanced Architecture and Research at Cisco Systems. The talk was very much focussed on … Continue reading

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Floodlights, Lamps and “Herbal Medicine”

Some reflections from today’s Globecom 2012 “Industry forum” on Green Communication and Computing: Today Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist at China Mobile repeated what I have seen in quite a few presentations: How the worlds (i.e. the wireless operators) problems can … Continue reading

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Were is the Sweetspot in Wireless M2M?

Globecom 2012 – day 1 coverage continued: Happened to stumble into the tutorial session on M2M (M2M for smart grids and smart cities) headed by Mischa Dohler and Jesus Alonso-Zárate from CTTC in Barcelona. Excellent overview of existing technologies and … Continue reading

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How small are “small” cells?

This is a first “live” report from Globecom 2012 in Anaheim, CA. Todays topic at the Broadband Wireless Access Workshop was small cells. Sampath Rangarajan from NEC (USA) gave an interesting presentation regarding the need for “small cells”. Based on (optimistic) … Continue reading

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