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VTC-14 Spring: 5G in the spotlight

5G certainly is the star of this year’s VTC. The workshop on 5G probably attracted 70% of all the conference attendees on Sunday; the only panel session in the conference is about 5G, one of the two keynotes is again … Continue reading

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I recently attended INFOCOM 2014 in Toronto between April 27th – May 2nd, 2014. INFOCOM is more related to the networking society. Compared to Globecom/ICC, Infocom has only three hundred papers presented and has about ten sessions in each half day. In each … Continue reading

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5G at the horizon?

After intensive discussions in the past one to two years, the vision about the potential 5G and its enabling technologies seem clearer, based on observations in Johannesberg Summit. Seems most of the technologies are well known. The question is how … Continue reading

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“Professional” WiFi on the move

Stephen Rayment, Head of Technology for Wi-Fi Products at Ericsson, (former CTO of Belair Networks) gave an interesting exposé at the Johannesberg Summit of what is going on in the “professional” (“carrier”) WiFi scene and what developments to expect. Have … Continue reading

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IMP Journal Seminar in Milan

Last week I attended an IMP Journal seminar in Milan. IMP stands for Industrial Marketing and Purchasing. This is a group of researchers developing a dynamic and interactive network based view of buyer-supplier relationships. The main ideas behind this marketing, purchasing, … Continue reading

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What IS actually 5G – and what is the need for it?

On a “5G event” like the Johannesberg Summit, the above question may actually sound like blasphemy, but seen over the two days this was one of the key discussion items. Ralf Irmer’s (Vodafone) presentation illustrates some of the key issues: … Continue reading

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Want to know what 5G would look like?

If you want to get a hint on what 5G would look like, the recently held Johannesberg Summit is the right place to visit. Don’t worry if you missed the event because all the talks, except panel discussions, can be … Continue reading

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5G – A new wireless network or computational paradigm?

The second day of the Johannesberg Summit was kicked-off by Jan Rabaey, UC Berkeley. Jan gave an interesting talk with a vision that we should see all devices around us not as passive sensors, but actually as computation and communication … Continue reading

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Spectrum for 5G – where is the watershed for national licensing?

An interesting panel debate on “what’s next” in Spectrum was held at the Johannesberg Summit. The was a rather striking discrepancy between the long and short term views. On hand we had the cellular industry debating strategies to get more … Continue reading

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5G and other key trends in Wireless and Mobile ICT – live webcast

Free, live webcast from the 2014 Johannesberg Summit live May 12-13, 2014! The Johannesberg Summit is THE meeting place for research leaders in Wireless and Mobile ICT. The summit is an annual forum to discuss trends and the long-term future. Interesting talks from industry … Continue reading

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