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Cashless Society and Mobile Payments

Assistant Professor Niklas Arvidsson at Industrial dynamics department at KTH is running a project on Cashless society. The main objective is identify and describe the potential consequences of “cashless-ness” for consumers, merchants, public transportation, banks, payment providers, mobile operators, etc. … Continue reading

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The role of ICT and broadband for the development of the Indian society

The Indian mobile market – Travel report part five (of five) Challenges for India  The role of ICT and broadband for development of India was discussed at the ITS India 2012 conference. Many problems like poverty, illiteracy, lack of healthcare, … Continue reading

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Light squared: We are not going away

Seems like Light Squared are not backing away without a fight. Light Squared’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs and public policy told reporters that they are not going away and hoped that their wholesale partners hang on to them … Continue reading

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SAS deploys WiFi and Telephony on board their airplanes!

With more than 6000 airplanes connected to the ground based Gogo system in North America and Row42’s satelite based service on board Norwegian and some other European airlines, inflight internet is quickly becoming a standard commodity. However, SAS now claims to be the … Continue reading

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Tiny Transmitters Could Help Avert Data Throttling

Major carriers, arguing that their networks are clogged with smart-phone and tablet traffic, are increasingly implementing data throttling, the practice of targeting heavy users by slowing down data-transfer speeds. Now a gadget invented at Bell Labs—a programmable, pint-sized transmitter that … Continue reading

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The way forward for Indian mobile communication, part four (out of five)

The following was presented at the session “Conceptual Issues in Spectrum Pricing and Market Competition” at the regional International Telecommunications Society’s conference in Delhi 22-24 February 2012 3G set to take off when smartphones reach EUR 50 India has during … Continue reading

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India – Spectrum management, networks and technologies

  Travel report part three (of five) The mobile market in India is fragmented with a large number of operators and a multitude of regional licenses. The intense competition and very low prices has forced the operators to takeactions in order … Continue reading

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India – Spectrum politics

India mobile is all about spectrum politics Telenor has faced the mother of all regulatory uncertainty in India as it stroke a deal with Unitech, which is a real estate development company, which acquired a GSM license with 4.4 MHz … Continue reading

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