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The 5G Myth – the emperor’s clothes revisited

The 5G myth is the title of book recently published by William Webb.  A short summary of the book can also be found in the summary William published on LinkedIn.  The authors dissects and debunks some of the hype – in … Continue reading

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“The Emperors New Clothes”

I was recently interviewed by the Swedish Tech journal “Ny Teknik”  about my thoughts on that several operators are claiming that they will be launching commercial “5G” services in 2017 and 2018. Behind the tabloids “War has begun”-style headlines, my answer … Continue reading

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Now we know the cost of 5G – and how much spectrum is needed!

In a recent report published by the European Commission the cost and societal benefits of a future deployment are estimated.  The report comes to the conclusion that 56B€ is the cost of deploying a 5G infrastructure and that this will create … Continue reading

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Johannesberg Summit 2016

As usual, you can follow all talks live in May 10 -11  here!  

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Virgin Media – Chesham pilots UK’s first Smart WiFi Pavement with Virgin Media

It only is this the first time we’ve built metropolitan WiFi directly from our street cabinets, it is also the UK’s first deployment of a WiFi connected pavement. It is literally public WiFi under your feet. We want to build … Continue reading

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The “Tactile Internet” – a contradiction in terms ?

I was visiting our “sister center”  5G-Lab Germany  at their Academic Interaction Day yesterday. An interesting crowd of distinguished researchers was discussing the key design challenges and architectural concepts for 5G. There was a wide consensus about the three design dimensions … Continue reading

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D2D communications: an effective means for beyond frequency reuse >>1

Device-to-Device (D2D) communications has been gaining more popularity among researchers in both academia and industry. It has the potential to offload traffic from cellular networks, improve energy efficiency, and extend coverage, etc. D2D enables mobile devices in proximity to establish local links for data communications. D2D enables novel wireless … Continue reading

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Does the Internet-of-Things dwell in Extremistan?

Extremistan – is not were IS terrorists rule, it’s the fictitious country introduced in N.N. Taleb’s renowned book “The Black Swan:The Impact of the Highly Improbable“. It is some times contrasted against Taleb’s other imaginary country,  Mediocristan, to describe the impact of … Continue reading

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Who want’s LTE-U ?

Quite some effort is now being put in moving LTE also into unlicensed spectrum. One reason is of course the large chunks of spectrum where the big competitor in short-range indoor and hot-spot market, WiFi,  is now ruling alone.  The other is … Continue reading

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All eyes on latency?

Last week I attended the 81st IEEE VTC conference in Glasgow, Scotland, to present my co-authored paper titled “On the Feasibility of Blind Dynamic TDD in Ultra-Dense Wireless Networks”. As always, key trends and enabling technologies for the 5G ecosystem were on full … Continue reading

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