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Imagine having internet connection at 1GB per second at home

Well, this may be possible in South Korea, where a pilot gigabit project initiated by the government intends to connect every home in the country to the Internet at one gigabit per second by the end of 2012. A pilot … Continue reading

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What is mobile augmented reality?

As a term, Mobile augmented reality (AR) was adopted in order to describe the use of data technology with content that can be interacted and displayed real-time view of the world. Already some apps are widely used mostly by smartphones and so … Continue reading

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No More Cell Towers in the Wireless Future?

As the demand for wireless services has increased lately, so have the number of cell towers so that users’ expectations can be met. Since technology is moving on at really rapid pace, the wireless world wants to decrease the number … Continue reading

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“Networks are not sexy enough to attract future engineers”

In an interview at the World Mobile Congress, the president of the  Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), Grant Seiffert says that the industry is concerned about the diminishing interest in networking and about networking’s aging employee demographic . Everyone seems to … Continue reading

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Android Apps for Non-Android Phones!

‘Alien Dalvik’ announced by Myriad, brings opportunity to run Android apps on Non-Android devices. Alien Dalvik is emulation software allowing the majority of Android applications to run unmodified by repackaging Android Package files. What this gives to a mobile user: … Continue reading

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Recruitment goes social

Have you realized that the way the company recruit personal hasn’t change in many years? What I mean is that they ask you to send a CV with all your information, which I guess is quiet boring for a person … Continue reading

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Alcatel-Lucent saves the mobile industry?

Today Alcatel-Lucent announced lightRadio™, “a breakthrough in mobile and broadband infrastructure that streamlines and radically simplifies mobile networks”. The solution was unveiled at a major press launch event in London supported by partners Freescale and HP. According to, Alcatel-Lucent, the … Continue reading

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Android 3.0

Here’s Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) preview video (longer version). It’s a now a big headache to Apple. But the computer people has just taken over the wireless business…..?

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Android’s law

The law is explained quite explicitly in the chart. What will be the limit of Android Law? Will people afford to buy new model of cell phone that earlier? Please read more in this article.

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