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Summary from EW2011

The European Wireless 2011 Conference was held in Vienna the last week of April. The conference’s main theme was “Sustainable Wireless Technologies”. A keynote speaker, Prof. Aroguaswami Paulraj (Standford University),  presented his talk on “PHY B4G – Emerging Challenges”. Basically, the talk has … Continue reading

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Visualize WiFi spectrum

An amazing concept created by a group of researchers from OSLO, exploring the invisible electromagnetic fields from indoor WiFi networks in a urban(outdoor) environment. All detected using a technique of light-painting by  a rod of 4 meters long and 80 … Continue reading

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What is mobile augmented reality?

As a term, Mobile augmented reality (AR) was adopted in order to describe the use of data technology with content that can be interacted and displayed real-time view of the world. Already some apps are widely used mostly by smartphones and so … Continue reading

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Android Apps for Non-Android Phones!

‘Alien Dalvik’ announced by Myriad, brings opportunity to run Android apps on Non-Android devices. Alien Dalvik is emulation software allowing the majority of Android applications to run unmodified by repackaging Android Package files. What this gives to a mobile user: … Continue reading

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Bing will keep your personal data for 6 months

Microsoft admitted European privacy laws and has claimed that they will make some changes in Bing, an Internet searching engine, by discarding user data. Read more Google as an Internet integrator and a powerful search engine all in one, has … Continue reading

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“Wireless has the power to change our lives for the better”

The first decade of XXI century has been inclined to a rather impressive trend into consumer electronics market. Nowadays, being a proper user of dozens of portable devices and gadgets is shifted toward “being wirelessly connected”. One of the key … Continue reading

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