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Murdoch buys the Cloud – what does it mean?

Sunday Times broke the news last week that Murdochs media conglomerate (through B-Sky-B is bidding for “no-brand” WiFi infrastructure supplier TheCloud. The Cloud prouds itself to be an independent WiFi hot-spot provider, with a strong backbone network and providing 22.000 … Continue reading

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The Money is in the Smart Grid!

Machine to Machine (M2M) communications has been under development for decades but we are still waiting for its commercial success. Already some 10 years ago, numerous companies were created with the ambition for other industries to leverage commercially from the … Continue reading

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New swedish company brings cheap solutions to backhaul for indoor coverage?

The newly founded company InCoax AB in Gävle, Sweden has developed a technical solution which makes it possible to transmit Gigabit data rates over existing TV-coax cables. The company’s newly developed product uses this neglected infrastructure, with fast deployment at a fraction of the … Continue reading

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Moving from Plastic Age to Digital Age

Soon the people will start leaving their wallets in their homes, since the cell phones will become the wallets, according to Credit cards will become obsolete, due to the ease of payment using the contactless(wireless) transactions. The curves for expected mobile … Continue reading

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Cognitive radio/Secondary spectrum use – the graceful path to Mobile Broadband in TV bands ?

Consumer interests shift and so does the media industry – the real-time TV viewers are an aging species and the numbers are going down every year. On-air broadcasting is more an more becoming an economically sound solution only in rural … Continue reading

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