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“Big Brother” says streaming more than 10 times is illegal

The so-coined “10 strikes bill” – is this the copyright lobbies last ditch defense ?  US Congress is in the process of approving a bill that will make viewing copyrighted material (like a Youtube video that someone uploaded – or … Continue reading

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Moving from Plastic Age to Digital Age

Soon the people will start leaving their wallets in their homes, since the cell phones will become the wallets, according to Credit cards will become obsolete, due to the ease of payment using the contactless(wireless) transactions. The curves for expected mobile … Continue reading

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Your apps are revealing your secrets

Smartphones are likely to know a lot about you and your behavior. A recent Wall Street Journal investigation that the apps on these phones are not likely to keep your  secrets. They are sharing your personal data widely and regularly. … Continue reading

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This is no BASE jumping

After seeing this video I have even greater respect for our fellow engineers who go out there and do the dangerous work in radio communication. Seeing the ~20cm diameter transmission line is also impressive. The question that crossed my mind … Continue reading

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Firesheep panic

There seems to be a general panic and a blogstorm in the user community after the publishing of Firesheep, a simple to use Firefox extension, that you can install in minutes and that can be used to “sidejack” accounts by … Continue reading

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