This is no BASE jumping

After seeing this video I have even greater respect for our fellow engineers who go out there and do the dangerous work in radio communication. Seeing the ~20cm diameter transmission line is also impressive. The question that crossed my mind is this: Was the transmitter off while they were working?

This video was originally published on which has a lot of interesting material and practical information on RF engineering and broadcasting.

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  1. Luca Stabellini says:


  2. Jens Zander says:


    However, it’s “all in a days work” here at TERACOM as well although
    a) the masts are “only” 900-1000ft and
    b) there is not as much free climbing there (it would probably not be allowed by Swedish work safety regulation).

    Yes, the power may be on at times and this has been a concern – there a some kW radiated from the big broadcast antennas. Workers, at least here, wear protective gear & boots.

    Note on the video what these guys actually are doing… they are probably changing a light bulb! (in the top light fixture required by air safety regulation!) Not so high tech ;-)

  3. Miurell Tercero says:

    Definetly Amazing! These persons are very brave! I was nervous during all the video!

  4. Sibel Tombaz says:

    I even got scared while watching the video!! I hope all the safety conditions are fulfilled for this brave people.

  5. Lei Shi says:

    Even my hand holding the mouse is shaking…what is such a high tower used for? and It seems to have one next to it.

  6. duho kang says:

    I was dizzy like I am climbing. I should thank god for not need to work like that. I also wonder how much such guys are paid ;) It’s ridiculous they seem to get the top not for radio equipment but for changing light bulbs –;

  7. Tafzeel ur Rehman Ahsin says:

    Very brave person indeed, since he has to look down at each step in order to change the positiond of his feet. However, the safety hook seems to be too loose, i was wondering if he falls down how the hook will support him?

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