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Mobile Web Technologies for the Developing World

The  8th of December 2010, 15:00 GMT, the IEEE Humanitarian Technology will serve a seminar on “Mobile Web Technologies for the developing World”, presented by Max Froumentin, Program Manager of the World Wide Web Foundation. The seminar will be about: How … Continue reading

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The Lessons of 10 Years of Talking Tech

Some days ago, the technological Colum at the New York Times webpage celebrated its 10th anniversary. David Pogue, shared with us its learning during this 10 years of journey with the article “The Lessons of 10 Years of Talking Tech”, … Continue reading

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The new paradigm that will change the future!

This is a video on a research that explain What motives human? I found it interesting for my self because it helped me to understand Why the popularity of some big movement like Linux, Wikipedia or Facebook? Also, the video … Continue reading

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This is no BASE jumping

After seeing this video I have even greater respect for our fellow engineers who go out there and do the dangerous work in radio communication. Seeing the ~20cm diameter transmission line is also impressive. The question that crossed my mind … Continue reading

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Neither LTE nor 800 MHz is enough ..

Most operators now turn to LTE to rapidly deploy more capacity to meet the surge of new mobile data traffic. The latest example is KDDI’s president and chairman, Tadashi Onodera that confirmed that the CDMA Japanese operator is migrating to … Continue reading

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No more Mobile TV for Telecom Italia Mobile

After the large investments made in 2006, one of the four biggest Italian mobile operators (TIM) has decided to stop its mobile TV services (based on Dvb-h technology) due to the limited penetration that these have experienced over the Italian … Continue reading

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Multihop packet radio is dead – Mesh Networking alive and (still) kicking

Mesh Networking, MANET, Multihop Packet Radio… there are many names to this technology that originates from early DARPA project in the late 70’s, early 80’s. (Tobagi et al 1987). Many billions of dollar have been invested in several waves of … Continue reading

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IEEE DySPAN submission ended without EXTENSION

I don’t remember exactly when this trend started, but it has become very usual that conferences in wireless communications area give extensions to their submission due dates. Now, two weeks extension is taken granted. Extension of more than a month … Continue reading

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iPhone vs Android vs Blackberry

A fascinating cartoon. Please enjoy it!

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Print your spoken words from your iPhone! But only yours, really?

It is interesting the way that Apple iPhone is facilitating social networking and even allow you to get your spoken words into a printed document in just a moment. Dragon Dication seems like a very simple and amazing application. I … Continue reading

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