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Traffic predictions and the design of Future Wireless Network

Recently we got to review Ciscos White paper on traffic predictions for mobile data in the years to come. An interesting discussion is what is going to drive the future generation network development – beyond LTE and its cousins.  The … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law and the cost of Mobile Broadband

You could recently read that many operators firmly believe that all capacity/cost problems in wireless data access  can be solved by replacing their current equipment with new models with higher peak-rates (read LTE). Since  higher and higher peakrates in the … Continue reading

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The 4G Deployment Challenge (Online Game) by Ericsson

  For all those radio network planners out there, think you are equipped with the necessary skills to deploy 4G network? Challenge yourself and colleagues to a fun game by Ericsson. You are a network planner who has been allocated … Continue reading

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Massive growth in Mobile data – 20% of Swedish users have tried VoIP

The move to data services is massive in Sweden. Out of 7M internet access subscriptions, 4.2M are various form of mobile data subscriptions, with almost 2M new mobile subscriptions only in the last 12 months (PTS report on the Swedish … Continue reading

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‘Customers Satisfaction’ and ‘Customers Experience’

Here is an interesting article by Erik E. Byström, a senior consultant at NorthStream. The article is about the eagerness of customers that have, on one side, enabled the evolution of mobile technology that we are witnessing today but, on … Continue reading

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“No 5G Radio Technology” – says Ericsson CTO

In an interview given at the Stanford Faculty club to DNA Ericsson CTO Håkan Eriksson, stated (what has been pretty obvious for some years) that its not likely that there will be a “5th Generation” of mobile wireless systems in … Continue reading

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Dual SIM/Dual Receive changing user behavior

In Asia markets Multi SIM phones that handles two or three “active” idle modes at the same time have been around for a couple of years. This has forced the market leader Nokia to lauch Dual SIM phones on these markets. The … Continue reading

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Workshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications in Halmstad 9/11-11

On behalf of the IEEE VT Society and the VT/COM/IT Sweden Chapter Board, we will organize a one-day Workshop on Wireless Vehicular Communications in Halmstad, November 9, 2011 Visit for more information and registration.

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