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Spectrum Sharing: What do operators think?

Despite the effort that has been put in technical research and economic analysis on the benefit that can be obtain through spectrum sharing between operators, it is yet not enough for them to agree on sharing this valuable resource with … Continue reading

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The cheapest way out of the iMess?

AT&T has announced that it will buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion in order to improve its coverage and capacity, primarily for data/smartphone services. A towering sum, but indeed a cheap solution to all the capacity problems … Continue reading

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Back to circuit switched – the optimal anti mobile broadband device

Johns Phone is a brand new GSM device for those who actively deselects the mobile broadband evolution. This device is just for making calls, and lack every data service whatsoever including SMS. The main features are battery life time (more … Continue reading

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SMS: One size fits all

Using SMS to buy public transport tickets is certainly innovative, and it has been adopted fairly rapidly. But, even that service falls short of the limits of imagination. Just when you thought you’d seen SMS being used in every conceivable … Continue reading

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Replacing UHF TV Broadcasting with LTE system?

I got an interesting suggestion from a colleague – would it make sense to provide streaming TV over an LTE system using fixed antennas operating in the UHF bands – i.e. replacing current DVB-T systems and freeing “prime” mobile service … Continue reading

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Draft IEEE standard for intelligent content delivery in mobile networks

It frustrates all of us when the streamed clip we are watching stops because the player’s buffer has just run out. The situation becomes pretty much insufferable when that happens on a mobile device. On the other side of the … Continue reading

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