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Newsflash from Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 2013

Well, I say newsflash… The actual workshop took place on Dec 9th. Forgive the late-ish update, as the new year vacation came in between. Executive summary Some observations based on cellular networks today:  Number of subscribers, number of devices are … Continue reading

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SMS: One size fits all

Using SMS to buy public transport tickets is certainly innovative, and it has been adopted fairly rapidly. But, even that service falls short of the limits of imagination. Just when you thought you’d seen SMS being used in every conceivable … Continue reading

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Draft IEEE standard for intelligent content delivery in mobile networks

It frustrates all of us when the streamed clip we are watching stops because the player’s buffer has just run out. The situation becomes pretty much insufferable when that happens on a mobile device. On the other side of the … Continue reading

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This is no BASE jumping

After seeing this video I have even greater respect for our fellow engineers who go out there and do the dangerous work in radio communication. Seeing the ~20cm diameter transmission line is also impressive. The question that crossed my mind … Continue reading

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Lower cost and spectrum in order to bridge the revenue gap

The mobile industry has stagnated, although traffic is growing tremendously, revenue growth has come down significantly, illustrated by the fact that European mobile revenues dropped 3.5% y-o-y during Q309. On the back of the break through for mobile data, both … Continue reading

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“Virtuous Cycle”

Only if there is SPECTRUM available, the industry will continue to invest in networks to handle more capacity and develop new applications and capabilities for handsets, which benefits the consumers who always expect more and more from their mobiles devices. … Continue reading

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WSN moving to sub-1GHz?

We all know that low power sensor networks operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band might be subject to severe interference due to transmissions of other devices (mainly WiFi terminals). To address this issue DASH7 is advertising a shift toward … Continue reading

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FCC to buy spectrum to assign to mobile broadband

FCC has intentions to buy at least 150MHz of spectrum from broadcasters to be used for broadband access. FCC’s executive director of broadband initiative Blair Levin has stated that “several hundred more megahertz” of spectrum is needed in the next … Continue reading

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