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Your apps are revealing your secrets

Smartphones are likely to know a lot about you and your behavior. A recent Wall Street Journal investigation that the apps on these phones are not likely to keep your  secrets. They are sharing your personal data widely and regularly. … Continue reading

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PTS invites to auction of the 800 MHz band

The Swedish regulator PTS posted on December 13 an invitation to auction of the 800 MHz band. The auction is planned to start on 28 February and those interested must apply no later than 31 January 2011. The 800 MHz band … Continue reading

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It’s sizzling, its cool, its soon here.. but what does it do ?

The Verizon approach to 4G… the hype factor is huge, but what is really the message? I think there is (again) a risk of overselling the technology here – it not the maximal speed that interesting, its the increase capacity … Continue reading

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2010 – Wireless research community, where engineering becomes science

According to IEEE Xplore, in this year (2010), there are 845 IEEE papers titled with the words “cognitive radio,” out of which 145 are journal publications. On the other hand, we have only 11 papers with “TV White Space” titles, … Continue reading

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2010 – the mobile year

2010 was the year when mobile connected the world. This video from contains some really amazing statistics about how the usage of mobile services has exploded during the year. How do you think that the growing rate will look … Continue reading

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DAB – nice system but 20 years too late

You can now read in the press that the Swedish Authority for Radio & Television is planning for a launch of country-wide Digital Audio Broadcasting using the DAB/Eureka-147 standard. Eventually this system is going to replace current analog broadcasting. This … Continue reading

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What to learn to be 21st century researcher (0. intro)

This is about how to do research in the wireless communications area. We need to understand a lot of concepts and theories by heart to be a researcher in the field of wireless communications. For example, However, it is very … Continue reading

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Is Sensing in Cognitive Radio history?

Some interesting talks from top regulators where given at the QUASAR regulator workshop hosted by BT in London. Among the most interesting developments is that the two “pioneer” countries in TV White Space usage now both abandon what has been … Continue reading

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Connecting The Last Billion

There are still 2-3 billion inhabitants on the globe that are waiting for the right to communicate and share information. In a rural remote landscape without roads, electrical grid, telecom engineering skills and money this still remains a challange. There … Continue reading

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