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Norway to switch off FM radio in shift to digital

Norway is set to become the first nation to start switching off its FM radio network next week. According to the article below this decision is a both risky and unpopular leap to digital technology. In Sweden, the Government descided in … Continue reading

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The price of freedom – is unlicensed spectrum a waste of resources ?

In a recent COMSOC Technology News article, Thomas Hazlett and Michael Honig discuss how deal with spectrum in those frequency ranges where WiFi and cellular collide. They argue that when spectrum is scarce, unlicensed, “free”, spectrum is economically inefficient. The argument is … Continue reading

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Now we know the cost of 5G – and how much spectrum is needed!

In a recent report published by the European Commission the cost and societal benefits of a future deployment are estimated.  The report comes to the conclusion that 56B€ is the cost of deploying a 5G infrastructure and that this will create … Continue reading

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How much spectrum data is needed for efficient spectrum sharing ?

IEEE DySPAN 2015 is under way in Stockholm and I attended (actually co-organized) an NSF sponsored workshop on “Future Directions in Spectrum Management Research“. The actual organization of the workshop became, admittedly, somewhat “ad hoc”, but thanks to the strong and … Continue reading

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Dynamic Spectrum – a solution for Africas spectrum problems?

Last week I was invited speaker at Africon 2015.  My keynote talk was on the role of Dynamic/Flexible Spectrum and “Cognitive Radio” in the deployment of rural internet access using wireless technology.  This sparked some interesting discussions in the panel I … Continue reading

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D2D communications: an effective means for beyond frequency reuse >>1

Device-to-Device (D2D) communications has been gaining more popularity among researchers in both academia and industry. It has the potential to offload traffic from cellular networks, improve energy efficiency, and extend coverage, etc. D2D enables mobile devices in proximity to establish local links for data communications. D2D enables novel wireless … Continue reading

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Who want’s LTE-U ?

Quite some effort is now being put in moving LTE also into unlicensed spectrum. One reason is of course the large chunks of spectrum where the big competitor in short-range indoor and hot-spot market, WiFi,  is now ruling alone.  The other is … Continue reading

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TVWS, the Un-abandoned Child

My first attendance of an international (IEEE) conference took place last week, in the 81st IEEE VTC conference in Glasgow, Scotland. As expected, the conference was fully tagged with 5G technologies, mmWave, massive MIMO and etc. However, an exhibition held by … Continue reading

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Avoiding the “Valley of Death” – and the obsession with coverage

Gerhard Fettweis gave an interesting talk at the Johannesberg Summit, where he argued that we should abandon the 20-100 GHz range and move into even higher spectrum, above 100 GHz. The reason is mainly cost, above 100 GHz radios and rather … Continue reading

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Sharing of Military Spectrum – does it make “sense” ?

I just attended a workshop organized by the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and the Office of Naval Research(Global) on the possibility of using military spectrum for civilian purposes.  The workshop was held at Maynooth University, in Kildare, just outside Dublin, Ireland. The … Continue reading

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